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These are stories I have heard from other RV'ers who don't tow a car.


This was suggested to me from a forum participant on

"JJ - For your blog: Some parking in Chicago - it's at the CTA Park & Ride facility in Rosemont. The girl at the CPS office told me RVs can park there and it's fine to sleep overnight. Just a 30-minute train ride from downtown Chicago which is $4, and $24 to park for 24 hours over two spaces. I'll let you know what else I dig up!


I got this directly from Adrienne Kristine, who is a well known solo RV'er and published RV author. She is a full-timer who does not use a tow car.

The rig is set up to tow but I hate towing. Besides, then I would have to pay registration on the toad, insurance on the toad, gas for the toad, service on the toad, etc. I just have to plan my trips carefully so I get the best use of the RV. You'd be amazed at the places I've been able to drive and park her."

My initial reaction to this was.... "How do you get to Doctor and Dentist appointments, as parking lots for those services typically aren't suited for RV's?" Adrienne states that when she visits the doctor, she can park next door, as the business enterprise next door is large enough for RV's. On the other hand, when she visits the dentist, she parks the RV [at an appropriate place] near a bus stop, and takes two buses. As she stated above, this takes a lot of planning!

Further, this very gutsy lady has managed to navigate through San Francisco with her RV! Check out the post called "San Francisco by RV: Free" in her blog at


Ron and Kathy Happy RVers said...

I agree with you on the toad, I am not fond of the cost associated with towing, you need a dolly or have things done on the car and a tow bar, but on the other side of the coin it is nice to have a normal vehicle for running around in.
Ron and Kathy

Lynne said...

Hi JJ, Having problems getting into the RV forum, tried to change my profile and now it won't let me in. LOL, what a screwed up site. Anyway, my email is Keep in touch.

BTW, enjoy your blog

Lamar said...


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Karin said...

JJ: My name is Kärin Erickson. My husband and I have two cats, Speckles (16) and Ebony (10) and we just bought our fifth motor home - a 2011 Sunseeker 3120DS!! We also keep the litterbox in the bedroom, under the vanity - in fact, that was one reason we liked the layout of this particular motorhome. We have learned to look at motohomes with litterbox in mind. We enjoyed your article. Good to see someone with a cat getting some attention.

RVing Toadless said...

Hello Karin. I hope you enjoy your Sunseeker 3120. I have been a fan of the Forest River models. I used to have room in between the two front seats for the litter box (and my cat loved it!) until I had leveling jacks put in. The control box for the jacks got put there so I had to move the litter box to the vanity. Don't you just LOVE waking up to the lovely smell of "cat just used the litter box?" But I love my cat.

Anonymous said...

It sometimes creates a hassle not having a toad. I had a Heart attack the 30th of March and thankfully at the right place and time. My manager got me to the local Hospital 12 miles from the work location; no time for unhooking the MH or waiting for transport. I am fortunate to use another work campers car to go to an orientation tomorrow for a job that starts the end of May.