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These three parks  are within walking distance of a lot of things:

Fountain Creek RV Park - Colorado Springs, near shops, banks, and restaurants
Garden of the Gods Campground - in Colorado Springs (very close to Manitou Springs)
Pikes Peak RV Park & Campground - in Manitou Springs, very close to shops

At Fountain Creek RV Park, you are close to a really cute "older" area of Colorado Springs, with shops. This park is one block from some fast food restaurants, and a brisk walk to the Safeway grocery store. You can also walk to some banks.

Garden of the Gods Campground in Colorado Springs, there is a Mexican restaurant across the street. However, there are no sidewalks in this particular block, it's dicey to cross the street. Some banks and a Safeway grocery store are a few brisk blocks down, but you have to be very careful as it takes three or four blocks before you get an actual sidewalk.

Pikes Peak RV Park & Campground is actually in Manitou Springs. You could walk to shops if ou are ambitious, or take a short bus ride (see "Places with Transportation" section).


CALDWELL (Sand Hollow), ID
This location is a little stop just west of Caldwell, off Exit 17. Country Corners RV Park is a small park, very inexpensive. The owner brags that in the summer, he has a vegetable garden and guests can pick what they want, no charge! I wish I had stayed here in summer! If you don't feel like cooking, there is a small cafe withhin a very short walk from this park. Good for an overnight stay while enroute on Interstate 84.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho has become quite the resort town. If you stay at River Walk RV Park, you are close to the North Idaho Centennial Trail, a good place to walk or bike. It's a brisk walk, or a short bike ride to the Riverwalk area where you can get to the trail.

Mountain Home RV Park is located within a short, but brisk walk from a very large Wal-Mart. Just remember, if you are walking, don't buy more than you can comfortably carry, or else you will be lifting weights while you walk back. Mountain Home RV Park is a lovely park, great for full-timers. And, if you need a mailing service and want to use an Idaho address, UPS Store is conveniently located also within that short, brisk walking distance. Also, next door to the park is a Chinese restaurant that the RV park hosts highly recommend. 



Red River State Recreation Area  is located within downtown East Grand Forks, MN 
This state park was created after the flood of 1997.  Once you are in the park, you don't really "feel" the city, except for the overhead freeway in the distance.  You can walk to a good selection of restaurants, a Cabela's store, a movie theater, and a day spa. 


Fairmont Hot Springs
Fairmont RV Park is open May 15 - October 15, and is located on Exit 211 off Interstate 90.  The park is located within a short walk to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort,  which is open year round.


If you stay at Scandia RV Park (no web site), along the south end of Business 97, you can walk to fast food restaurants, pizzeria, and a good supermarket (Fred Meyer, which also has a gas station if you need). There are signs along Business 97 indicating bus/transit service, but apparently, transit service is a "political hot potato" in Bend right now. The transit service was started around early 2007 even though voters voted "no" twice. Then they had problems with the busses. As of this writing, I couldn't find the web site for the transit service, and didn't see any busses running.

If you stay at Fogarty Creek RV Park or Sea and Sand RV Park along Highway 101, you can walk to the beach. There are also a couple of restaurants and a good grocery market within walking distance. The city of Depoe Bay is two miles south from these RV parks. There is a bike path along Highway 101, which is a pretty busy and well-traveled highway, so be careful!

If you stay at Heceta Beach RV Park, you can walk to the beach. You can bike in to Florence. I rode my electric bike down through Florence and got a flat tire. I had to walk my bike 6 miles back to the RV park. Flat tires on a bike/scooter are no fun!

Garibaldi is a cute small town with a harbor and plenty of fresh seafood. If you are a deep sea fishing enthusiast, there are several charter boat trips you can try. If you need a cup of coffee and a donut to get you going for those 4:00 AM charter rentals, Bay Front Bakery opens at 3:00 AM with coffee and great donuts; and you can purchase sandwiches for your charter boat trip.
Three RV parks are located in Garibaldi that are within walking distance of the harbor and the charter boat trips, or anywhere you would want to visit (restaurants, grocery store, pharmacy, museum):

- Biak By The Sea

- Harborview Inn & RV Park

- The Old Mill

All three parks are along the harbor. The first two parks are near a Weyerhaeuser lumber plant, and could be quite noisy during the day. If you don't want the lumber mill noise, stay at Old Mill. Personally, I'm not saying any of the parks are better or worse than the others (I stayed at Harborview during my visit). These are the parks available if you just want to kick around Garibaldi, and all are within walking distance of anything in Garibaldi. Regardless of where you stay, you must walk to Fishermans Korner for the best Fish & Chips you have ever had!

If you want to spend more than a couple days in Garibaldi, but want to venture out, you can catch a Tillamook County Bus in Garibaldi and ride up to Cannon Beach or down to Tillamook. There are 6 routes a day, Monday - Saturday (excluding holidays), and daytime hours only.

If you stay at Jack's Landing RV Resort, you are within walking distance of lots of restaurants, both fast food and sit down. Jack's Landing is a nice place to relax for a few days. Grocery store is about four blocks down. 6th and 7th Avenues, which are bothone way streets and are "main drags," have bike lanes if you wish to journey further. Another place you can stay is Rogue Valley Overnighters. I walked past this place, I would only use it for exactly as the name says, "overnight."

Most of the surface streets of Grants Pass have bike lanes.


If you stay at Nehalem Bay State Park in Manzanita, you can walk right to the ocean! You need reservations to stay in Loop A (closest to the beach), even in the winter time, even if it's not full. In the off season, you can stay in Loops B and C without reservations. On the other hand, the state park is maybe a couple miles from town. If you need supplies, you may need to walk or ride a bike. If you are willing to take a brisk walk, you can walk to a restaurant on Highway 101.


If you decide to overnight in Mitchell, South Dakota, there are some good options:

Exit 330 off Interstate 90: If you stay at Lake Mitchell Campground, you are within a brisk walk of a good grocery store, ShopKo, and some pizza restaurants.

Exit 332 off Interestate 90: You can dry camp overnight at Cabellas. There is a no cost RV dump station in the Cabellas RV Parking section. (Here is information with directions from You can walk to Wal-Mart.

If you stay at CanyonLands Campground, which is located at the south end of Main Street in Moab, you can walk to most anyplace in downtown. I didn't get to stay there, but just observed it in passing.


If you stay at Birch Bay State Park, you can walk to the little town of Birch Bay. It will be a hefty walk, but it can be done if you are in reasonably good health.

If you stay at Mt. St. Helen's RV Park, you can bike, or ride a scooter around. The side of the road has a small narrow shoulder lane that bikes could ride along. In fact, at this park, you are about 4-5 miles from the Mt. St. Helen's Visitors Center. On the other hand, if you want to go to Coldwater Lake or Johnson Ridge, those will require a car.

If you stay at Granite Lake RV Resort (which is now part of Premier Resorts, click on Locations, then Clarkston), you are within walking distance of a Costco warehouse, and an Albertsons grocery store.


Cle Elum, WA is a cute little town just east of Snoqualmie Pass on Interstate 90 across Washington.  There is a great little RV park called Whispering Pines.  Even better, this park is next door to an RV service and repair establishment.   This park is within walking distance of Cle Elum, but you do have to walk on an overpass to the freeway.  There are some good restaurants, and a Safeway grocery store.  And, if you need to "lighten your load," there is a great thrift store where you can donate used goods.


There are a couple of RV parks in Marblemount, but the best one to stay at is Alpine RV Park. However, this park is two miles east of Marblemount, kind of a hefty walk. Right now, the prices are pretty cheap, and even include free WiFi. Rumor has it that the park is under new ownership and the new owner has grandiose plans for the park. Right now it's just a relaxing "getaway." If you have bicycles or scooters, you can ride into Marblemount. However, US Highway 20 tends to be somewhat busy as it's the gateway to the Cascade Mountains. Marblemount doesn't have much to do, but there are a few restaurants if you don't want to cook. The best one is Buffalo Run.  During the summer, they have outdoor dining.


This is a very cute seaport town with lots of antique stores to look around. I got here by traveling from Port Townsend, WA, by bus, and transferring between the different county busses.  Only cost me $3.75 round trip!  I did note that an RV park named Peabody Creek RV Park is located right in town, and within walking distance of most things you might want to visit.  I didn't get to check the park out.  You may wish to consult and scroll down to Peabody Creek RV Park and check the reviews before you decide to stay there.  I had a great Fish Taco lunch at Smugglers Landing .                   


Port Townsend is a quaint Victorian town. If you stay at Point Hudson Marina and Resort, you can walk to downtown Port Townsend. The RV park seems to do a good business.  Mid week, you can get in without reservations.  But for weekends, reservations highly suggested, even in winter!  Water view spots are $5 extra.  However, I had site 303, which isn't a "water view" site.  But if no one stays next to you in sites 305 and 306, it will be like getting a water view site without paying the $5 extra!  You can watch sailboats, and watch one of the fabulous Washington State Ferries come in to Port Townsend from Coupleville (Keystone), WA.  The park is at the end of Water Street, but you do have to do some weasling around some narrow streets to find it. But you do stay at the marina and have a view of the bay.  I paid $30 in April of 2012, and it was well worth it for me!  However, in summer, their rates go up to $50+!  Recommend staying during winter, well worth it. 

- Fort Worden State Park

If you stay at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, no need for a car for a few days as long as you are stocked with food. This is a beautiful state park that used to be an Army installation. It is now used as a conference center, to include two great RV campgrounds: one "upper"   campground in the trees, and one down on the beach. You can buy food cards in increments of $5 and use them at the "commons." It's highly recommended that you try the "Sunday Brunch" which is offered first Sunday of each month.
On the other hand, if you need to travel into nearby Port Townsend, then you may need some type of transportation.


If you stay at Gilgal Oasis RV Park, which is right in town, you can walk or bike to most businesses you might need! There is a good QFC grocery store and a Les Schwab Tire Store one block away. There is a Costco and a PetCo (for Pets) within biking distance. Also, if you have a pet and need medical service for it, there is a Veterinarian ( ) less than a mile away.


If you stay at Riverbend RV Park, which is two miles north of Twisp, you can bike to either Twisp or Winthrop. Keep in mind, Highway 20 is pretty busy! Walking might be a bit much. There is a good grocery store in Twisp. Also, if you have a pet and need medical attention for it, there is a Veterinarian two miles south of Twisp, and another one in Winthrop. My cat suffered a medical emergency and the Twisp Vet, Dr. Dan Deweerts of Valley Veterinary, took care of my cat on a Saturday even though the clinic was closed.


In Southern Wyoming, along Interstate 80, there aren't a lot of campgrounds. In April 2009, I was driving along I-80 in horrible fog, you could not see five feet in front of you. I tried to stop at Curt Gowdy State Park near Cheyenne. The park was 12 miles off the freeway, and once I found it, I couldn't find the "hookup" area. So, I got back on the freeway. I tried to stop at Arlington Outpost, because it was mentioned in a Wyoming tour guide, but once I saw it, I decided I would rather keep driving in the fog. Larmie, Wyoming has only a KOA available during winter months. However, I will not stay at KOA's because I got junk mailed (by the KOA organization) after staying at one. But I thought I would mention it for anyone else. Decided to keep on driving in the fog. I ended up at Rawlins dealing with an oncoming snow/wind storm.


These three campgrounds are located in Rawlins:

Western Hills
RV World
Rawlins KOA

I also saw one called "Golden Eagle" Campground, but I couldn't find a web site for it. I stayed at Western Hills, but RV World is also close by. Both parks are within walking distance of a restaurant. However, reviews of this restaurant that I found in the internet were just so-so. After the snow and fog cleared, I rode around the area. Both Western Hills and RV World are very close to an urgent care clinic and a hospital, if you need medical services, but Western Hills is closest. I didn't get a chance to see the KOA.


Lynne said...

Winthrop KOA is about a mile from town, flat walk along a fairly busy Hwy 20, over a picturesque bridge and into tourist trap town. KOA does offer rides to and from.
Next door to KOA is a hardware and grocery store.

Rainbow RV Park in Sequm is on 101 and while a nice park, wouldn't recommend for the toadless.

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