Saturday, July 27, 2013


The Interpretive Ranger at the state park where I'm currently hosting told us how to prepare for a.........

Z O M B I E   A P O C O L Y P S E!!!!

 The children loved it!

 Didn't know Zombies had a Food Pyramid!

 Good tips to follow in the above picture. 


Lynne said...

Hi, I was headed your way...we really need to meet, and had blowout so didn't make it any further than Cle Elum. LOL

I love your blog.


RVing Toadless said...

Hi Lynne! I was at Sun Lakes during July, camp hosting. Boy it's HOT there, not to mention the snakes and mice!

LindsayRichards said...

I'll bet it is cold out there. We went all the way to Port Townson in WA and it was cold at night in September. Is your RV warm enough? Nancy and I used an electric blanket (twin) laid sideways across the bed at night. Have even done it at Wal-Mart with an inverter. Very little power drain, but we have monster AGM batteries. I hope you don't freeze before spring. This is Lindsay Richards from RV Parks Reviews. Good Luck.

Lynne said...

Two more months and then I'm heading home. Current plans are to get the annuals out of the way, and then full-time it for about 6 months. I really need to do New Mexico. Sorry about the ice. It looks harmless enough.Are you home or traveling.

RVing Toadless said...

I'm "home" but staying in my RV at a nearby RV Park because I'm selling my condo. In a few days I'll be leaving for a camp hosting job. I will be a "full-timer."